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MR. DC doccoach sports meets medicine

Philosophy from doccoach-sports

The philosophy behind the idea of Mr. DC doccoach sports is based on the fact that the human body is to be seen as a functional system, which is in a more or less stable associated form. Two things seem to determine this system: our genes and our behaviour. These two points play different roles in the course of our lives.
The genes play the decisive role at a young age, our behaviour is subordinate, although not insignificant and there is a so-called “muscle / bone memory” which, among other things, later facilitates a comeback … and at least improves guarantees of success. Things shift in favour of our behaviour later on. I don’t mean that we can completely forget about genes, etc. No, they just become less important … like the initial sprint when bobsleighing. In simplified terms, one can perhaps see a moment – i.e. what we perceive at the moment as homeostasis (stabilisation/regulation) – in a dynamic equilibrium.

Inspiration arises from the diversity of options

At our invitation, Clubhouse gives registered athletes … get to know other members of ours

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