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MR. DC doccoach sports meets medicine

Be part of the future in fitness
& a great tracking app for all of your workouts

Training and app

Whether with just the app or working out together with one of our professional coaches on site – let us personally customise your workout plan with our app. Whether doing an 18-minute high-intensity workout or an all-round workout, our team members closely connect with one another and can respond to you quickly.
We can monitor your vital signs during the workout, adjust the breaks and increase your motivation. What’s behind our secret? You can find out here:
We personally customise your workout plan. With our app, we’re directly connected with each other and can respond to you quickly. We monitor your vital signs in real time during the workout and adjust the workout and supervised breaks in order to really keep you motivated!
Need to stops for five minutes or the doorbell just rang? No problem! We can take a break and be there for you again when you’re ready.
Just answer our 7 questions on our contact form and get in touch with us.
Do you want to know your fitness level?

7 questions about your personal workout!

At our invitation, Clubhouse gives registered athletes … get to know other members of ours

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