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MR. DC doccoach sports meets medicine

Regeneration for your body!

Eating healthy.

Food and nutrition can often seem worlds apart – feel free to talk to us about this in our Facebook group, on Twitter, in the doccoach clubhouse.
Determine the type and extent of your diet with us
Use nutrition trackers
We help creating your caloric balance
Our certified trainers can advise you on a successful and healthy nutrition plan at any time – regardless of whether you want a quick meal for in-between or a large and healthy menu when cooking with friends and family. Simply fill in our contact form by answering 7 simple questions anonymously.
Helpful tips & our app recommendation Lifesum as the ultimate nutrition tracker

Sleep well

Sleep: the holy grail of regeneration
After strenuous exercise, the body not only restores the disposition to achieve the same level of performance, but also increases the motivation to perform beyond the original level over time. But this can only happen if exercise and regeneration are customised.
What’s your opinion? Discuss with us on Facebook, Twitter and in the doccoach clubhouse. For registered athletes there is an invitation from us … get to know more of our other members.
At our invitation, Clubhouse gives registered athletes … get to know other members of ours

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