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MR. DC doccoach sports meets medicine

Who is who?

Hans-Peter Scheithauer, MD

I was born in 1958, am a doctor, sports physician, and personal trainer, and have long thought about how I could pass on my experience in these fields of work to as many interested people as possible despite my limited time budget.

The path from being a sports physician and personal trainer to having my own
fitness and telehealth app

The signs of the times cannot be ignored, for sure. But they can, perhaps, be “retouched”. There’s no going back to the past. It’s more like going back to the future. I know this because I’ve been on this planet for quite some time now.
I had tested my methods on myself for a long time, being very self-critical, before I even thought about revealing them to others. By the way, revealing my methods wasn’t my idea at all. It was of a friend who had wanted to discover the “secrets” of my physical fitness. She felt I did not look anything like my age.
After having many discussions she also “tested” my methods, and then her friends did, and their friends, and so on and so forth. At some point I had to think about which direction I had to take, or rather could take. Should I stay where I am or go public with it? Being public is usually not my thing. I’m more of the shy type. I’m not necessarily the life and soul of the party. I simply tend to be more reserved.
My method has nothing to do with hocus-pocus or any kind of magic. It’s simply the application of a variety of medical insights and personal experiences on the training theories that I have acquired throughout my life, which also include some setbacks.
I have been a doctor for more than 30 years and an athlete for even longer. It’s experience, not just knowledge … not just intellectual experiments. It’s experiences that can be scientifically explained and reproduced. In order to pass on these experiences, I’ve teamed up with a web designer and programmer for iOS and Android apps in order to inspire as many people of all ages as possible. And so you now have the opportunity to use it.
I’m happy to be able to pass them on to you. So please browse through the website … feel free to go directly to “Training” – there you’ll find our credo and a submenu. There’s sure to be something there that will arouse your interest.
At our invitation, Clubhouse gives registered athletes … get to know other members of ours

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